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Cardiac nuclear imaging is a revolutionary tool used in diagnostic medicine. Cardiac physicians across the country rely on these non-invasive diagnostic tests to ascertain heart health and function. Cardiac Imaging aims to equip private practices with this advanced technology so it becomes more readily accessible.

Nuclear Cardiac Imaging – Texas Diagnostic Medicine & Treatment Planning

PET/CT scans include the combination of positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT). This enhanced imaging technology allows physicians to obtain a clinical view of the heart’s structure and its biological processes, including coronary artery function, blood flow to the heart, etc.

These scans can also reveal the presence of blockages, and locate damaged or dead tissue following cardiac events like heart attack and stroke.

Thanks to the detailed imaging provided by PET/CT, diagnostic evaluations are elevated, and cardiac physicians can monitor patient treatment progress more closely. PET/CT scans also outperform SPECT and other imaging solutions. They remain applicable in situations where patients have excess chest wall tissue, pericardial or pleural effusions, high BMI, and even breast implants.

PET scans also produce less radiation exposure than SPECT, and PET MPI has become the industry standard for diagnosing heart disease.

Physicians and patients alike benefit greatly from these advanced nuclear imaging methods. With the help of PET/CT technology, surgeons can map out extensive surgical plans, and physicians can prescribe more accurate treatment for cardiac conditions.

Convenience & Opportunity

Our goal at Cardiac Imaging is to bring top of the line, non-invasive diagnostic medicine to cardiac physicians and their patients. This involves combining state-of-the-art nuclear imaging technology with 21st century ingenuity.

Mobile Imaging Clinics

Our mobile PET imaging clinics come equipped with the same premium technology you’ll find at any hospital or outpatient facility. These advanced PET systems provide enhanced image results in minutes, and are operated by trained personnel who follow strict operation protocols.

We use only the most advanced imaging techniques and radiotracer technology, including Rubidium-82 dose generators. The environments are carefully controlled, and come fully equipped with a state-of-the-art PET system that undergoes regular testing to ensure reliability. We also provide patient prep and follow-up care, and access to a cloud-based virtual reading station. We conduct physician training, certification, licensing, and accreditation, as well.

Additionally, our mobile imaging clinics offer many patient benefits. Patients are able to undergo their scans without the need for hospital visits that elevate the risk of infection, or traveling long distances. There is also no need to wait for an outpatient appointment, which can delay testing for weeks to months.

Fixed-Site Imaging

We also offer fixed-site imaging services which enable you to conduct PET/CT diagnostic tests at your private practice.

At Cardiac Imaging, we handle the entire system build-out, from the installation, to technician safety training and certification for your staff with our rubidium provider. We help you manage the marketing aspects so you can promote this beneficial technology. We also conduct insurance billing training for your internal billing staff. Additionally, we provide comprehensive system maintenance and leasehold improvements.

Once your complete 3D PET or PET/CT system is installed, patients won’t have to visit a hospital for outpatient services, which will allow for safer treatment and less traveling. On-site imaging services can be especially beneficial for elderly and immunocompromised patients who are at high risk of infection. Patients also won’t have to wait to file an additional insurance claim before scheduling their scan.

As the physician, you will be able to closely monitor treatment progress, and view highly detailed images of the heart which will allow you to quickly identify causes of cardiac conditions.

Enhance Patient Care – Cardiac PET for Texas Physicians

We create opportunities for physicians with private practices to gain access to top of the line cardiac PET scan technology. After working for over two decades with nuclear imaging, Cardiac Imaging has created PET/CT systems that offer unparalleled dependability and clinical accuracy.

We are the nation’s leading provider of turnkey clinical molecular imaging solutions. We offer a variety of PET systems so you can choose the technology that will best serve your patients and your practice.

All of our systems are state-of-the-art and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they exceed the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) standards regarding preventative equipment maintenance.

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Patient safety and diagnostic accuracy are our top priorities at Cardiac Imaging. We are proudly accredited by the American College of Radiology. Learn more about our licensing and certifications here.

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