What do we offer?

Our service allows physicians to treat their patients for cardiac disease with the most cutting-edge tools in nuclear medicine, without leaving the comfort of their practice.

What if my state requires a physician training and virtual reading certification?

We have created physician reviewed certification programs to teach the fundamentals of PET protocols and techniques.

Can you give us the ability to view our patient’s images from any location?

We have advanced innovative workstations that allow all physicians the ability to review complete patient exams using our confidential, trusted, cloud-hosted, and HIPPA compliant environment.

Do you have your licensing accreditation & certification?

We are proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiation (ACR) which is the gold standard in medical imaging.

What is a CardioGen-82?

A CardioGen-82 is a closed system that produces the radiotracer for intravenous administration. CardioGen-82 is comprised of a self-contained cart that encloses a shield for the generator, on-board support for electronics, and waste container.

What is Rubidium-82?

Rubidium-82 is a generator that is a positron emitting radiotracer with a physical half-life of 75 seconds. Click here for more information.

How long do the PET imaging scans last?

The scans last between 25-35 minutes while the entire visit only lasts an hour.

Can I afford mobile PET imaging?

Our imaging machines leave you with no financial burden. Our services leave you with the ability to continue treating your patients on site with no extra operating costs of hosting your own PET machine.

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