Physician Training & Virtual Reading Station

In states which require certification, Cardiac Imaging, Inc. has created a Physician Review and Certification Program designed to teach reading physicians fundamental PET protocols and techniques, while simultaneously certifying the physician to interpret the PET data. Our preceptorship modeled program is comprised of initial and bi-annual interpretation peer review, Invia 4DM software training and Rubidium-82 infusion applications training. Our goal is to smoothly transition your practice from SPECT MPI to PET MPI through the guidance of trained experts in the cardiac PET imaging field.

We provide physicians with the ability to access their patient’s images at any time from any location through our ScImage reporting software and virtual medical database. Our innovative workstation grants physicians the opportunity to review complete patient cardiac imaging exams, not just static images, in a confidential and trusted, cloud-hosted and HIPPA compliant, environment. 

This intuitive and easy to use software auto-populates the reporting template with patient data and streamlines the interpretation process. You may customize reports with your header, preferred language, and default settings such that you only input information when a study deviates from those personalized defaults. Cardiac Imaging, Inc.’s goal is to eliminate any limitations physicians face in the treatment of their patients and to improve the convenience and efficiency of that treatment.

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