Mobile PET Imaging

Bringing Cardiac Scan Equipment to You

Cardiac Imaging combines advanced nuclear medicine technology with convenient patient care through our mobile PET scanner clinics.

Our mobile cardiac PET services remove barriers to advanced diagnostic imaging. Physicians are able to access cutting-edge diagnostic tools for elevated patient care without any added burden, all from their own practices.

Mobile Cardiac PET Scanning & Imaging

State of the Art Technology for Premium Health Care

Cardiac Imaging's PET scan truck units come equipped with top of the line diagnostic nuclear imaging technology. We exclusively perform mobile cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) exams, the recognized gold standard for detecting early coronary artery disease.

This all-inclusive service comes with a fully staffed mobile medical clinic, equipped with a 3D PET system and Rubidium-82 dose generator. We provide physician training and certification (based on location), patient prep, and follow-up care. Additionally, physicians and their staff gain access to a cloud-based virtual reading station so patient information is readily accessible.

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High Quality Mobile Cardiac PET Scanning & Imaging Equipment

Explore our custom-fabricated mobile heart scan clinics. Each coach is built to maximize patient safety and security while acting as an extension of your own clinic.

By utilizing a mobile clinic for cardiac imaging and testing, you eliminate potential risk factors associated with spending time at a hospital. Mobile PET scans also prevent patients from waiting 3-4 hours for a test, as they would during typical SPECT protocol.

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Physician Training & Virtual Reading Station



Cardiac Imaging has created a Physician Review and Certification Program. It teaches reading physicians fundamental PET protocols and techniques, while also certifying the physician to interpret PET data.

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Interpret Anywhere

Physicians have unlimited access to complete cardiac imaging patient exam results through our virtual reporting software. Our innovative workstation auto-populates reports and streamlines interpretation, all through a confidential, HIPAA compliant database. Physicians are able to easily monitor patient progress and treatment. Patient security is also enhanced.

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Cardiac PET Imaging:
Licensing, Accreditation & Certification

Safe, Reliable
and Innovative

We contract with independent licensed medical physicists and radiation safety officers to ensure our equipment always exceeds radioactive licensing requirements and safety standards.

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Accredited Cardiac
Imaging Services

Cardiac Imaging is proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). ACR accreditation is the gold standard in medical imaging.

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Federally Compliant

Cardiac Imaging complies with all federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulations, as well as federal Stark Laws.

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Staffing Highly Qualified PET MPI Technicians

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3D Cardiac PET Imaging System

Each mobile unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D PET imaging system and the Rubidium-82 generator.

The Rubidium-82 generator is a closed system which produces the radiotracer for intravenous administration. Accurate patient dosage is achieved with minimal operator interface thanks to the infusion tubing system.

As a closed, lead-lined system, it limits radiation exposure to both patients and personnel. The generator also includes a self-contained cart that houses a generator shield, waste container, and on-board support for electronics.

for Increased Image Quality

The Rubidium-82 generator is a positron emitting radiotracer that rapidly travels throughout the heart muscle after intravenous administration. Within one minute, isotope activity is noted and 3D images are taken by the system, indicating Rb-82 uptake by the heart.

Images are highly detailed and more accurate than those seen with previous nuclear medicine technologies. This advanced system ensures simplicity of function and application, without compromising clinical accuracy. Patient care is elevated for those with heart disease, including individuals with a history of heart attack and stroke. Treatment progress is also more easily monitored by physicians.

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Cardiac Imaging - Performing more cardiac PET exams than anyone else in the nation.

Cardiac Imaging aims to remove the burden of limited accessibility to nuclear imaging technology by bringing PET directly to physicians across the nation. Physicians are now able to provide highly accurate and monitored treatment while prioritizing patient safety and comfort through mobile PET imaging.
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