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Discover the advantages of our Mobile PET

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. brings together advanced nuclear medicine technology with convenient care through our mobile clinics and cardiac PET exams.

Our mobile cardiac PET service removes the high barriers to access PET, allows physicians to treat their patients for cardiac disease with cutting-edge diagnostic tools without any added burden, all from the comfort of their practice.

Mobile PET Imaging

Mobile Cardiac PET Scanning & Imaging

This all-inclusive service includes a fully staffed mobile medical clinic equipped with a 3D PET system, Rubidium-82 dose generator, physician training and certification (based on location), licensing and accreditation, patient prep and follow-up care, and a cloud-based virtual reading station.

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Mobile Cardiac PET Scanning & Imaging

Explore our custom-fabricated mobile coaches. Each coach is built to maximize safety, quality, and throughput as an extension of your own clinic. By utilizing a mobile clinic for stress tests during a pandemic, you eliminate the potential risk of patients spending 3-4 hours in your office with a typical SPECT protocol.

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Physician Training & Virtual Reading Station



In states which require certification, Cardiac Imaging, Inc. created a Physician Review and Certification Program designed to teach reading physicians fundamental PET protocols and techniques, while simultaneously certifying the physician to interpret the PET data.

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Interpret Anywhere

We also provide physicians with the ability to access their patient’s images at any time from any location through our virtual reporting software. Our innovative workstation auto-populates the reports and allows physicians to review complete patient cardiac imaging from any PC.

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Cardiac PET Imaging:
Licensing, Accreditation & Certification

Safe, Reliable
and Innovative

We exceed our radioactive licensing requirements by contracting with independent licensed medical physicists and radiation safety officers to audit and oversee Cardiac Imaging, Inc.’s radiation safety.

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Cardiac Imaging, Inc.
One Step Above the Rest

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. is proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). ACR accreditation is the gold standard in medical imaging.

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High Quality Health Care
Is Possible with Cardiac Imaging, Inc.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. complies with all federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulations, as well as federal Stark laws.

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Staffing Highly Qualified PET MPI Technicians

At Cardiac Imaging, Inc. we supply our own extensively trained and experienced nuclear medicine technologists and nurses to care for your patients during the PET imaging procedure. We employ the nation’s largest staff of Bracco-certified technologists.

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3D Cardiac PET Imaging System

Each mobile unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D PET Imaging System and CardioGen-82, the Rubidium 82 generator.

Cardiac PET Imaging

The Rubidium-82 generator, CardioGen-82, is a closed system that produces the radiotracer for intravenous administration. CardioGen-82 includes a self-contained cart that houses a shield for the generator, on-board support for electronics, and a waste container.

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Cardiac PET Imaging

Rubidium-82 generator is a positron emitting radiotracer with a physical half-life of 75 seconds. Following intravenous administration, the 20mCi dose of Rb-82 is rapidly taken up by the heart muscle. The isotope activity is noted in the heart within the first minute after injection.

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Cardiac Imaging, Inc. brings together advanced nuclear medicine technology with convenient care through our mobile cardiac PET clinics and mobile cardiac PET exams.

Our mobile cardiac PET scanning and imaging services allow physicians to treat their patients for cardiac disease with the most cutting-edge tools in nuclear medicine, without leaving the comfort of their practice. We exclusively perform mobile cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) imaging exams, the recognized gold standard across the United States in detecting early coronary artery disease.


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