Cardiac Pet Imaging: Licensing, Accreditation & Certification

Safe, Reliable, and Innovative

We exceed our radioactive licensing requirements by contracting with independent licensed medical physicists and radiation safety officers to audit and oversee Cardiac Imaging, Inc.’s radiation program. Cardiac Imaging, Inc. continually strives to regulate and reduce radiation exposure by keeping radiation dosage to patients and staff as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). We accomplish this by using the latest technology and innovative procedural protocols for all cardiac PET imaging exams.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. –  One Step Above the Rest

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. is proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). ACR accreditation is the gold standard in medical imaging. Our accreditation program tests cardiac PET image quality on a daily basis and exceeds ACR’s standards regarding equipment preventative maintenance.

High Quality Health Care Is Possible with Cardiac Imaging, Inc.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. complies with all federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulations, as well as federal Stark laws. We also research and adhere to state and local Department of Health statutes in each new market we enter. This approach ensures our cardiac PET scanning and imaging procedures are compliant and provide you with exceptional patient treatment throughout the cardiac PET imaging exam.

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