Highly Qualified PET MPI Technicians

Staffing Highly Qualified PET MPI Technicians

At Cardiac Imaging, Inc. we supply our own extensively trained and experienced nuclear medicine technologists and nurses to care for your patients during the PET imaging procedure.

Each and every one of our certified technologists are SPECT MPI veterans with advanced PET MPI training. The technologists have also undergone a comprehensive BRACCO certification program so that they are not only skilled in the field of MPI, but they are also experts with the equipment that each mobile contains. In addition, Cardiac Imaging, Inc.’s nurses are all certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support so you can feel confident leaving your patient’s care in our hands.

We Put You First

With each healthcare provider we partner with, we strive to assimilate ourselves with the unique and individual culture of each particular practice. We believe this is imperative to the success of our mobile clinics because your main concerns become our first priority.

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