Instructional Training for Staff for Fixed Site Imaging

Nuclear Imaging & Technician Safety Training

A PET Scan machine and computers with chairs in front of them inside a mobile Cardiac Imaging clinic.

Expert Training from Our Team to Yours

When you are a cardiac physician, you aim to bring state of the art technology and the best practices, treatments, and testing to your patients to better their health and wellbeing. 

Providing expert care is essential, and superior imaging technology can offer great benefits to your medical practice and patient treatment plans. This is why Cardiac Imaging arranges innovative ways for physicians to supply clinically superior nuclear imaging technology to patients across the country.

At Cardiac Imaging, we have both mobile and fixed site imaging options. Our mobile imaging clinics are designed to bring advanced PET/CT scan technology directly to your practice in a controlled environment where patient safety is always the first priority. This option is a convenient, safer alternative to undergoing tests at a hospital, which offer the same type of diagnostic testing.

Additionally, Cardiac Imaging offers fixed site imaging, a way for physicians to upgrade their practices with PET/CT and PET innovation from the nation’s leading provider.

With fixed site imaging from our company, you receive the latest in nuclear imaging technology, which we help integrate into your practice. We handle the installation and applications training, as well as your medical office staff training.

When you depend on our experts to train your medical personnel in operating and managing your PET/CT system, you can rest assured that no information will slip through the cracks. Our team is expressly trained to help others fully understand the integrative, detailed processes that are connected to fixed site nuclear imaging.

Additionally, outside of safety care training and certification, our insurance billing team assists in training your internal billing staff. We always offer support when needed, and our veteran team will be present to oversee all aspects of the start-up and operation.

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