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Florida Cardiac Consultants has been working with Cardiac Imaging for almost one year now with regards to our PET scanning lab. They provided us with an excellent camera, and ensure that we have access to all of the supplies that we need for our lab to function properly and efficiently. The physicians are very pleased with the quality of the camera images, and support has been excellent during the very few times that we have needed to contact them. Needless to say that we are very pleased working with this organization and plan on partnering with them for a very long time.

Florida Cardiac Consultants, January 2020

Our practice began providing Cardiac Pet Scans with Cardiac Imaging in May of 2019. We cannot begin to say enough good things about this company. They have thought out every detail to make the test comfortable and safe for each patient. We have been in private practice since 2009 and we know this is one of the best decisions we have ever made. When they first came to visit our clinic, I was very skeptical that it could be so easy for us as a clinic but it is truly very simple.

The Heart Clinic, December 2019

Cardiac Imaging, INc. is an awesome and very professional cardiac imaging company with whom we have had the pleasure to work with. This arrangement has also worked out very well for our patients who are also very pleased with their cost. I am hoping this working arrangement can continue for a long time.

Dr. Thomas, December 2019

I was truly very apprehensive because I am not a fan of having strange stuff cycled into my old body. The professionalism, expertise, and kindness of your technologist and nurse were absolutely wonderful. I shared my feelings with them and they in turn, explained every step of the procedure and the technologist even held my hand when he injected me with the stuff. As it turned out, I never knew I had it. All that worry for nothing. Thanks to them.
I just wanted to tell you that you should be so grateful that you have these two people with your company and I am so pleased to have met them and to have them take care of me even though your technologist said he hoped he’d never see me again, unless at the beach. Thank you.

Patient, July 2015

My experience with Cardiac Imaging was pleasant. When I got to the imaging place there was a person in there getting scanned and I had to wait 10 minutes even though I was on time because he had arrived late. Luckily though, the staff had me in and out in less than 45 minutes.

Patient, June 2015

In my 77 years of life, I never thought that my body would fail me. Hearing my very trusted and dear doctor tell me that I have blocked passage in heart made me very worried. I come to you because my doctor told me I could possibly avoid surgeries after he gets PET scan done. My SPECT scan did not go well so in my old age this made me nervous for this procedure. The very lovely nurse treated me so well and let me speak about my hesitations. The PET scan procedure was so fast, I said to technologist “I am already done?” My doctor told me that PET scan showed my passage ways more clearly and did not require serious surgery. Thank you very much.

Patient, May 2014

Cardiac Imaging’s mobile PET units are unlike any other mobile imaging unit I have encountered during my 30+ years in cardiology. The units mimic a physician’s office, the staff is professional and qualified, and the PET system and software is among the best in the industry. I feel confident sending my patients for a PET exam with Cardiac Imaging.

Physician, February 2014

I am diabetic so fasting is difficult for me because I feel ill pretty easily which is what happened before I had to go get my scan done. I ate some crackers and tea before the scan and I told the nurse this when I got to the test when she was asking me questions. She told me that I wasn’t able to get the scan because of the caffeine in my body. I was upset because I didn’t want to fast another whole day, but she was very nice and helpful. She rescheduled me for the first scan the very next morning so that I wouldn’t have to not eat for a long time and was very understanding.

Patient, February 2014

Our clinic has used SPECT imaging for decades, but it was time to update our practices. PET imaging has been a successful transition for our office and the services that Cardiac Imaging, Inc. has supplied have been outstanding. The physician training, advanced PET software and equipment, and employees with the company have made the addition to our practice a very simple and worthwhile venture.

Physician, December 2013

I have a huge fear of needles and doctors. Cardiac Imaging’s staff was incredible and the trailer was very comfortable. I would recommend them to any one of my friends or family.

Patient, August 2013

Getting my PET scan done was overall much better than I thought. The truck was very nice inside and surprisingly spacious. It was like stepping into a doctor’s office. The staff was really helpful and was good at setting my mind at ease even though I was pretty nervous. The scan was fast and I was able to get out of there pretty quickly.

Patient, July 2013

Staff was very friendly and informative. Called me before and after my exam and even helped me from the waiting room all the way to the room where I had my IV put in. My husband was able to stay with me the entire time too.

Patient, May 2013

I have had heart disease in my family for as long as I can remember. That being said, I have been at risk since a young age. I underwent a SPECT exam nearly 5 years ago in a mobile office. The exam showed no significant findings and I was fine. I was referred a couple months ago for another SPECT exam, but this time the exam’s results were not clear and my doctor told me I should get a PET scan done. I expected this to be a similar exam, but I was really happy when I learned that it would only take one hour out of my day. In the past I had spent between 2-3 hours getting the exam done. The only down side is that I still had to fast for half of the day and this caused some dizziness since I am diabetic.

Patient, April 2012

Introducing PET MPI to our office has completely changed the way we treat patients. PET has increased diagnostic confidence, decreased patient exam times, and produced practice efficiency that was not possible prior. My patients have related nothing but positive feedback after visiting with your mobile unit.

Physician, March 2012

I am writing to you to express my sincerest gratitude to your employees during my test. They were so sweet to me and my husband, it made me feel very comfortable. I am claustrophobic and I was so nervous about going into the machine, but once I saw it and the technologist explained that I would not be enclosed in anything, my nerves were gone and it was a very short and painless test. Please send them my greatest thanks and appreciation.

Patient, January 2012

I added PET imaging services to my practice to increase my diagnostic capabilities for my patients. Cardiac Imaging, Inc. has delivered unparalleled service and I am able to treat patients entirely at my office.

Physician, November 2011

My experience with Cardiac Imaging exceeded my expectations from the moment I saw the trailer. It was as if I was in a doctor’s office the entire time. The nurse and technician both treated me really well and made me feel very comfortable. This was my first PET scan, so I was really nervous, but they walked me through the entire process so I knew what was going to happen at every step. The next day I even got a call from Cardiac Imaging asking if everything went alright and if I was feeling well. Overall I was very pleased and would recommend them to anyone feeling anxious or worried about getting a PET scan done.

Patient, October 2011