Cardiac Imaging in Virginia – Versatile PET/CT Solutions

Nuclear imaging is an effective diagnostic method often used in the field of cardiology to better ascertain the health of the heart and its biological processes, including blood flow and vascular resistance. PET/CT is a type of nuclear medicine imaging solution that elevates diagnostic testing for cardiac patients. Cardiac Imaging is dedicated to bringing this advanced technology to physicians and private practices across the country.

Cardiac PET/CT for Virginia Private Practices

Nuclear imaging has become one of the most reliable and effective options available for diagnostic heart imaging. Cardiac physicians can utilize these tests to understand the cause of poor heart function, including the source of blockages and other medical conditions.

At Cardiac Imaging, we offer positron emission tomography (PET) in combination with computed tomography (CT) technology. This produces enhanced, clinically detailed imaging. PET/CT scans outperform SPECT and other imaging solutions. PET also produces less radiation exposure than SPECT, and is applicable in cases where patients have excess chest wall tissue, breast implants, pericardial or pleural effusions, and high BMI.

Our PET/CT scan systems also provide diagnostic imaging of scarring, dead tissue, and damage caused by major cardiac events, such as heart attack and stroke. Additionally, PET MPI has become the current industry standard for diagnosing heart disease.

With these enhanced images, physicians are able to prescribe more effective treatment regimens, and surgeons are able to create safer surgical plans. Additionally, during follow-up exams, PET/CT scans can be used to determine whether or not a current treatment protocol is working effectively.

Advanced Technology Made Accessible

Cardiac Imaging strives to make state-of-the-art nuclear imaging readily available to cardiac physicians and their patients. For over two decades, we have worked with nuclear imaging technology, which has allowed us to bring cardiac PET scan applications to private practices throughout the country.

Mobile Imaging

At Cardiac Imaging, we bring non-invasive nuclear cardiac imaging directly to your patients via our state-of-the-art mobile PET imaging clinics. These mobile facilities are designed with the latest in PET/CT scan technology, and utilize the Rubidium-82 generator. Rubidium-82 is a radiotracer which provides an enhanced image result in minutes, and showcases any physical heart abnormalities, such as impaired blood flow or dead cardiac tissue.

Our mobile clinics provide safe, effective solutions to common issues patients encounter whenever they need to undergo a nuclear imaging scan. Traveling long distances can be difficult on patients, and hospital settings can pose a high risk of infection. Elderly individuals and immunocompromised patients are especially vulnerable.

Additionally, outpatient appointments for nuclear testing are not always readily available, which results in delayed treatment. Patients may also need to file an additional claim with their health insurance before they’re able to schedule a scan.

Our mobile clinics are carefully controlled environments equipped with top of the line, consistently tested equipment. Patients receive the same quality care they would while visiting a hospital for nuclear testing, but without extensive traveling, or any unnecessary risks to their health.

Fixed-Site Imaging

With fixed-site imaging from Cardiac Imaging, you no longer have to send your patients to out-patient facilities for PET/CT diagnostics. We equip you with everything you need to conduct safe, effective, non-invasive imaging tests at your private practice. This includes installation of a state-of-the-art PET/CT system, technician safety training and certification for your staff with our rubidium provider, as well as marketing and billing training.

Having nuclear imaging equipment at your practice will allow you to better provide for your patients. They’ll benefit from the convenience of undergoing testing in the comfort of their own doctor’s office, and you’ll be able to further monitor their health and treatment progress.

Investing in fixed-site imaging will also set you apart from other practices, and enable you to provide safer, more effective care.

Invest in Your Practice with Cardiac PET in Virginia

If you want to equip your private practice with state-of-the-art nuclear imaging technology for cardiac patients, reach out to us today. At Cardiac Imaging, we strive to help physicians across the country gain access to clinically advanced diagnostic testing. Whether you opt to invest in fixed-site imaging, or work with our convenient mobile clinics, you will be providing reliable, advanced care to your patients.

As the nation’s leading provider of turnkey clinical molecular imaging solutions, we offer PET/CT systems that are designed to meet your needs as a physician, and prioritize patient safety. Contact us to learn more about this technology and how we can bring top of the line, diagnostic imaging straight to you.

Our PET/CT equipment always undergoes rigorous testing to ensure effectiveness, safety, and reliability. Cardiac Imaging is proudly accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Learn more about our licensing and certifications here.

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