What is A CT Angiogram – Benefits Over Traditional Angiogram

CT scans, or CT angiograms, are an invaluable tool in the practice of diagnosing heart disease. CT scans show detailed images of the internal layout of the heart, including arteries. While PET-CT, like the advanced technology provided to physicians country-wide by Cardiac Imaging, offers even more sensitive imaging that enables physicians to closely examine cellular activity and abnormal biological processes.

CT scans and angiograms both utilize X-ray imaging to provide images of internal structures and body functions. A PET-CT utilizes a radiotracer to highlight activity within organs and tissues, thereby enabling physicians to better ascertain abnormal functions.

What is An Angiogram?

A traditional angiogram procedure is a more invasive version of a CT scan. An angiogram uses a catheter to inspect the internal structure of blood vessels by injecting a contrast dye. This dye allows physicians to get a clear picture of possible blockages and blood flow restrictions, and other abnormalities within the heart, when X-rays are taken.

Benefits of A Cardiac CT Scan VS Angiogram

The benefits of a PET-CT or traditional CT scan versus a standard angiogram will vary depending on the patient, but the most notable difference is the invasive nature of an angiogram compared to the former tests.

While an angiogram requires the insertion of a catheter, anesthesia, and X-ray imaging, a PET-CT requires only advanced scanning equipment. While CT scans also utilize X-ray imaging, there is no catheter, which can prove dangerous for patients who may be categorized as high risk for infection, taking blood-thinning medications, or elderly patients who have delicate veins and arteries.

Sometimes, depending on the results of a CT scan, a standard angiogram is required for additional diagnostic purposes. However, while CT and PET-CT are not as diagnostically accurate as standard angiograms when it comes to coronary artery disease, they are both useful in determining a patient’s baseline and whether they should undergo an angiogram at all.

Having direct access to advanced technology like CT and PET-CT can make a significant difference in patient comfort, treatment options, and even test result accuracy.

Improve Your Practice with Cardiac Imaging PET-CT Imaging Services

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