All About Cardiac PET Scans

With improving technology, PET scans have become more accurate and beneficial to detect any issues with the heart. PET scans offer a superior image quality, leading to higher diagnostic accuracy than alternative tests. Cardiac Imaging Inc. offers PET scan for cardiology purposes.

What Is A Cardiac PET Scan?

As you grow older, your heart health should be monitored. Today, there are machines that can scan areas of concern and figure out if anything is wrong. A PET scan is an imaging test. It gives doctors an insight into the function and structure of your heart.

How Does It Work?

A cardiac PET scan is a test that uses a special dye that contains radioactive tracers. When the dye is administered into the patient, the patient then lays down on a table. The table slides into a large, tunnel-shaped machine. The machine scans the patient’s heart and it will pick up signals from the tracers in the patient’s body.

What Are The Benefits?

Cardiac PET scans can measure blood flow between the coronary arteries and heart muscle. It can detect dead or injured tissue through images of high resolution and clarity. Cardiologists are able to diagnose conditions like coronary artery disease and find tissue damage after a heart attack. Cardiac PET scans is a non-invasive tool to detect issues with a patient’s heart and at times, can prevent the need for surgery.

Do You Need A Scan?

Cardiac PET scans help doctors test for diseases, prepare for surgery, and even see if a treatment is working.

Cardiac PET scans in cardiology are incredible. Cardiac Imaging, Inc. is ready to help you with all your heart needs by bringing cardiac PET scanning to your practice. Contact us today if you need more information.