Convenient Medical Care Through Fixed Site Cardiac Imaging

Convenient Medical Care Through Fixed Site Cardiac Imaging

Bring Cardiac Nuclear Medicine to Your Practice

Cardiac Imaging is the leading provider of PET/CT and PET cardiology imaging services in the country. We combine state of the art technology with versatility, allowing physicians and patients alike to benefit from accessible, reliable diagnostic practices.

As many cardiologists know, establishing a safe and controlled environment for diagnostic testing is difficult, and many patients are hesitant to undergo new testing, especially if they need to visit a hospital to do so. This hesitancy is understandable for those who are physically vulnerable due to their condition and/or age, or may be undergoing immunosuppressive medical treatment like chemotherapy.

Considering the various risks that come with stepping into a hospital environment, especially taking into account the recent COVID-19 pandemic, both patients and physicians are increasingly aware of the benefits that come with personalized medical care.

On Site Medical Imaging Software for Physicians

Reinventing the Process

At Cardiac Imaging, we have developed numerous ways for physicians to treat their most vulnerable patients by bringing state of the art diagnostic medicine to their own practices.

With Cardiac Imaging’s fixed site imaging services, physicians are able to conduct PET/CT scans in a controlled environment, reducing exposure risk and the chances of inaccurate test results.

Fixed site imaging from our company provides physicians with the latest in hybrid PET/CT technology, including the ability to perform Myocardial Blood Flow (MBF). Our fully comprehensive turnkey program comes with tune-up and maintenance services, leasehold improvements, and professional installation.

Our fixed site imaging programs are managed by clinical staff, administrative personnel, and our project management team. When you choose to invest in fixed site imaging for your practice, our company handles the certification program for your staff, technician safety training, applications training, and the entirety of the department build-out.

Additionally, Cardiac Imaging offers custom marketing support to help promote the advancement of nuclear cardiology at your practice through these medical care initiatives.

Improve Your Practice with Diagnostic PET/CT Scans

If you are looking for an innovative, effective way to make life-saving nuclear imaging technology more readily available to your patients, and improve health care and diagnostic treatment at your practice, reach out to Cardiac Imaging today.

Contact us at (800) 998-2035 to find out more about bringing fixed site cardiac imaging