How Can Cardiac Imaging Help You And Your Patients?

Cardiac imaging has become more and more advanced in recent years. Mobile PET imaging and MRI scans can give cardiologists and medical professionals greater insight into how to treat particular heart conditions. These imaging machines can also detect potential concerns early on and help you determine a quick course of action. 


Detect Potential Issues or Concerns

When concerns arise about a patient’s heart health, getting a cardiac imaging test may address unhealthy regions. Our mobile PET imaging machine uses a radioactive tracer injection to help the PET scanner produce a series of clear images of the heart and its vessels. It can show healthy or damaged muscles, arteries, and veins, which can help you assess and understand any issues. Noticing a potential area of disease or damage in the heart early on with cardiac imaging could help you save your patient’s life. 


Diagnose Diseases and Pinpoint Damage

Similar to imaging done on other areas of the body, cardiac imaging can be utilized to diagnose and spot areas of disease. A common cardiac imaging process is our mobile PET imaging technology. PET scanners can give doctors a detailed image of the heart and help to pinpoint areas of damage. If a patient has undergone a heart attack, our mobile PET scan can distinguish the areas that were affected during the episode. 
We can help you make PET imaging more comfortable and efficient for your patients. Make sure everyone’s hearts are pumping at their best ability and contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. today for more information.