PET/CT for Identifying Cardiac Calcification in Patients

Cardiac PET Scan Technology for Cardiac Calcification

Cardiac calcification of the arteries impacts blood flow to and from the heart. Cardiac artery calcification is typically diagnosed with a CT scan, which allows physicians to see whether the patient has moderate to severe calcification. Other tests such as stress tests, which are also used to measure the health of the heart, may be relied upon. However, there are other options which are more accurate, such as a Calcium-Score Screening Scan, which is essentially PET/CT imaging.

The link to PET/CT technology and diagnosing cardiac calcification involves a more thorough look at potential calcium levels in coronary arteries during stress tests. Using a PET/CT test allows physicians to tell the difference between whether a patient is at risk of heart disease, and if they actually have heart disease. This allows them to also better predict the risk of a major cardiac event, such as a heart attack.

With more accurate predictive testing, the serious complications that arise with coronary calcification can also be better prevented. This also aids physicians in determining whether a patient would benefit from statins.

Cardiac PET Scans in Fresno, CA & Surrounding Areas

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