Preparing For Your PET Scan

If you are about to receive a PET scan, you may feel nervous and want to be well-informed on how to prepare for the procedure. Our mobile cardiac PET scanning and imaging services allow physicians to treat their patients for cardiac disease with the most cutting-edge tools in nuclear medicine, without leaving the comfort of their practice. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your PET scan.

Prep and Diet

Ask your doctor for specific instructions to prepare for your exam, as well as the length of the exam. Do not eat or drink anything 4-6 hours before your test, but make sure you drink plenty of water. Avoid drinks with caffeine 12 hours before your test.

Safety Measures

Before the exam takes place, make sure you let the doctors know about your allergies or reactions to specific medications. Additionally, bring a list of all your medications to the exam. If you are pregnant, make sure to mention that as well. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and leave your jewelry at home. Dress in layers just in case you get too cold or too warm.

Exam Details

Try to relax and feel calm during the exam. Trained medical personnel will be with you through the duration of the procedure and they will let you know what to expect and walk you through each step of the exam. Once you are positioned for the PET scan, you will remain still and intermittently hold your breath. The exam itself only takes around 25 minutes and you can ask the technologists questions if any come to mind.

If you are nervous about your PET scan, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today with any questions you may have.