Surpassing Expectations – New PET Scan Technology

Revolutionary Technology. Simplified Experience.

The advancements made in nuclear technology have allowed physicians to treat patients more effectively, quickly, and provide more accurate diagnoses. Digital molecular scans further the accuracy and benefits of PET/CT scan technology.

Digital PET/CT has proven to be superior when it comes to image quality, sharpness and detail. In addition, this technology provides more accurate imaging with less radiation exposure to patients than older analog scanners.

Not only are these scans more detailed and offer less risk, but the images allow physicians to make more accurate diagnoses, prognoses, as well as design more effective treatment plans. There is also a better opportunity for early treatment.

Alongside more accurate imaging and lower radiation exposure, digital molecular scans also offer a reduced scan time. Patient motion is thereby reduced, furthering the accuracy of the scan, and patient comfort and safety is improved. Most patients are finished with their scan in as little as thirty minutes.

With these advanced CT and PET imaging tests, it is possible to diagnose microvessel and coronary artery disease earlier, improving outcomes, patient care, and limiting costs.

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