PET Cardiac Viability at California Physician’s Practices

PET Cardiac Viability

Does A Cardiac PET Scan Make Sense for Your Practice?

Cardiac PET scans in Los Angeles and the rest of the country are considered a valuable diagnostic imaging tool, and have been for several years. They are some of the most important tools that have been made available to physicians across all aspects of cardiology. This is why many have begun to consider investing in cardiac PET technology for their individual practices. However, how do you know for sure if such an investment is the best choice for you, your patients’ needs, and your practice?

The Benefits

PET scans for cardiac patient assessments can produce substantial benefits to treatment plans. There is higher diagnostic accuracy when nuclear cardiology is utilized versus when it isn’t.
For example, patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) can benefit from image clarity offered by PET MPI, as it allows for a visual estimation of blood flow and flow reserve. Therefore, PET scans can be used to gauge how potentially successful specific treatment methods might be, such as angioplasty, bypass surgery, etc., for these patients.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc. provides the best state of the art 3D PET imaging systems with the Rubidium 82 generators. With such technology, PET imaging systems reduce costs by providing more accurate diagnostic results, and thereby reducing false positives. However, calculating the total expense of offering 3D PET imaging at one’s private practice will always play into whether or not investing in nuclear medicine is the right choice for individual physicians.

Cardiac PET Scan Protocol

When interpreting images, the confidence of the reader or physician will directly correlate with their knowledge of the PET system, as well as image quality. At Cardiac Imaging, Inc., our customers who choose our mobile PET imaging services get to benefit from our knowledgeable, certified staff who assimilate into each individual practice, maintain protocol, and provide the necessary experience to accurately interpret results. This greatly decreases the output cost of establishing a nuclear cardiac imaging clinic for your practice.

For cardiologists who invest in fixed site PET imaging, we work with your clinic’s pre-existing staff to provide training, the department build-out, system installation, service/maintenance, and applications training. We will also help train your internal billing staff and provide support whenever needed.

3D PET Scans – Los Angeles and Nationwide

Cardiac PET imaging offers high-quality diagnostic images that communicate invaluable information which can lead to better treatment options for patients. For physicians who invest in this nuclear technology at their personal practices, they usually find the costs are well worth the benefits.

Ultimately, the goal of adding PET MPI to your practice is always to improve the quality of treatment for your patients in a cost-efficient way, whether that means via fixed site imaging or mobile clinics. Learn more about our services at Cardiac Imaging, Inc. by contacting us today.