Why Would A Doctor Recommend A PET Scan?

It can be alarming when your doctor recommends a PET scan, especially when you’re not exactly sure what this process entails. Cardiac PET imaging is used to understand how a person’s heart is functioning, and a doctor will recommend a PET scan when you are exhibiting certain symptoms and more information is needed to treat you and your heart.

Why Do You Need A PET Scan?

A PET scan uses radioactive tracers to measure the chemical reactions in your body in order to diagnose diseases. A doctor will recommend a cardiac PET scan to check the blood flow to your heart muscles. The scan can indicate areas of decreased blood flow, which allows your doctor to accurately decide the next steps. In addition to diagnosing diseases, cardiac PET imaging is also recommended to check if a specific treatment is working. If you get a PET scan, you might need a second to monitor your treatment plan.

How To Prepare

Your doctor will give you specific instructions before the PET scan begins in order to help you prepare. During this time, be sure to notify your doctor if you have certain allergies, if you are taking other medications or if you are claustrophobic. The week leading up to your scan you shouldn’t include strenuous physical activity. You should also avoid consuming food and beverages high in carbs and sugar in the last 24 hours before your scan.

Doctors recommend cardiac PET imaging to diagnose and help treat heart diseases and if you want to learn more about PET scans contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. today.